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FA 3012/4012 Figure Drawing

Independent Drawing Series

Ken Aschliman, 2011


I will draw hundreds of quick and spontaneous, nonobjective drawings. I will then select four or five of the drawings that most look like a figure. 

I need to decide on a method to produce the drawings, where I won't subconsciously draw them as figures. That might be drawing music, dropping objects on a piece of paper and tracing around them or frottage. I want to use a method that produces imagery arbitrarily. I will draw on inexpensive paper that I can buy in bulk.

This drawing series will be the inverse of traditional figure drawings. I will produce an abstract image then assign a subject to it, rather than producing a representation of a subject. This process resembles the concept of the "uncanny valley." The hypothesis states that when something closely resembles something else, but is not a perfect representation, people will notice the differences. When something does not closely resemble something else, people will look for similarities. This is why android R2D2 often seems more human than C3PO in the Star Wars movies.

I see art and culture as ways the human mind produces reality, in addition to the reality produced by the physical world. My drawings will mirror the process of assigning meaning to ambiguous images.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.