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CORE 1120: Visual Literacy I

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
Project 1: Gestalt Principles


Identify and use gestalt principles of design to discuss, and critically analyze the visual aspects in works of art including their own.

3D Object/Sculpture:
Students will be introduced to Gestalt principles of organization. They will then apply these principles as they construct a 3D object/sculpture. Using only one sheet of Bristol, cuts and folds should be made to create a dynamic structure. There can be no elimination of the material. The sculpture should maintain a sense of visual balance, harmony, proportion/size/scale, shape and tension. Positive and negative spaces should be considered. The piece should convey a sense of movement and surprise.
Suggested artists to research for form
Alexander Calder (steel sculptures), Richard Serra (steel sculptures), and Robert Morris (felt sculptures), Frank Stella (relief sculptures)
Critique guidelines:
Grade will be given based off of a 2-part process.
Part 1:  Students will present and describe their process (sketches, artists researched-who they looked at and how they influenced their work, the use of Gestalt principles and how it led to their 3D sculpture).
Part 2: Students must comment on peer’s work using the appropriate vocabulary based off of Gestalt Principles, craftsmanship and draftsmanship. 


Grading Rubric:

Final Object - 40pts 

Craftsmanship - 40pts 

Critique - 20pts

Building Knowledge
This project introduces students to Gestalt principles and paves the way for any future project objectives being discussed. Students will begin to understand the importance of sketching alongside traditional media experimentation in week one to enhance their sense of craftsmanship, draftsmanship, cutting and construction techniques as well as formalize the ideation process.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.